Tuesday, August 5, 2008

We've been invaded!

What an interesting few days! So my dog decided that she was going to be suicidal and run out in front of my uncle driving down the road. He did not see her but she preceeded to run in to his truck. We of course took care of her but couldn't get her to the vet until today... she's fine. The vet said that nothing is broken but she gets to wear this lovely cone around her head. Carter looks at her and just giggles. Mickey looks at her like she is an alien... but he needs to remember that he once wore that and to make it worse... he had a hot pink cast! So both dogs have had to wear the cones.... who's next??

Mom was getting ready to change his diaper the other day... He was not quite finished with his business so she left him to lay for a few minutes before she took the diaper off. I came back into the room a few minutes later and this is what I found. He undid his diaper and rolled over. He was so proud of himself and I was glad I got in there when I did... cause we would've had a mess!

Not quite sure how he managed this one.....

At last!

FINALLY! I am so glad that I finally got time to get on here and get some pics of the munchkin on here. We are absolutely having a blast with Carter and enjoying every moment with him. It's been a crazy month... too much has gone on to write about... but here are some pictures...

Carter is absolutely in love with the pool. Mom went and bought a floaty for him... we can hardly get him out of it!

We had uncle John and aunt Sarah's wedding on the 26th. We had a blast and Carter thoroughly enjoyed his first wedding....

Mr. Cool Cat! Aren't those sunglasses too much?

Probably gonna get yelled at by my son in 15 years for putting this on here for the world to see... but his booty is too cute not to put on here! Little man is such a poser.....

Carly, Brenda & Carter at the Clark's concert! It was a very late night... but we enjoyed it. Carter's first concert!
Pappy couldn't get us a picture with the band... so this is a good as it gets!

This is one of my favorite pictures of him... he's just too stinkin cute.

Look at that smile!