Monday, March 23, 2009

Like father... like son

Jason was in charge of dressing Carter... go figure! Carhartt overalls... thermal shirt... and daddy's John Deere hat!

We went out for a Sunday drive with Jason's mom. We were getting some pictures of the scenery with Flat Stanley for Christian's (my cousin) school project. As we were out on the back country roads... we ran into a porcupine! It was sooooo cool seeing one up close. Of course Jason jumped out of the car and chased it thru the woods. It eventually ran up a tree and Jason got a picture of it. Too cool!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Carter's 1st Birthday!

It was a busy few days preparing for the big party Saturday night... Carter was exhausted! He decided to pass out Saturday at noon on the living room floor... without lunch...

I got lots of lovin' from Carter after the party was over... I think he was very happy with the party and all the fun stuff he got!

The Newtons - Courtney is Carter's girlfriend... and Kim is one of my girls! Love them! (and James too!)

The cupcakes... Carter was dying to get his hands on them all night! Mom and I baked them Friday night and all Carter wanted was to get his hands on them. We had to keep them up high because wandering hands were reaching for them...

Carter absolutely fell in love with his Carhartt overalls and his tool belt! Aunt Maria and Uncle Kenny got him the tool belt. He loves wearing it and trying to fix everything with the tools! I think I am gonna come home one day to find everything in the house torn apart...

Another gift that he loves! KC and Sue bought him a tractor... It's small enough for him to ride and he loves driving it all over our living room! He sits for HOURS on it and drives!

Cupcake time! I was a little disappointed that he didn't make a huge mess.. but he sure did love the cupcakes!

A great family photo!