Sunday, December 5, 2010


I can't believe Carter is going to be 3 in a few short months!!
I feel like he has been a part of our lives forever. He is such a joy and there is NEVER a dull moment with him!
*Carter is such a good helper and an excellent big brother. (Elliot might tell you otherwise!)
*He loves reading books (His favorite is Snowmen at Night) and watching movies.
I can't even tell you a favorite because he watches them all! A few that are on our recently played list are: Incredibles, Cars, Open Season, Ice Age, Shrek, and of course our Monster Truck video.
*Carter is anxiously awaiting the arrival of Santa. All he wants from Santa is a Car Transporter. Thats it. Nothing more, nothing less. He has decided to trade Santa something soooo precious in his little world for the Car Transporter. Carter gets the Car Transporter... Santa gets his Nunni's. (for the baby reindeer of course) We have been talking this issue up for a few months now and he has been all about it, but as the day draws near... he's not too fond of the idea. As I keep reminding him that he WILL get his Car Transporter in lieu of the Nunni's, he seems to be accepting the idea.
*Carter absolutely loves his puppies. They are his 'buddies' and plays with them all the time! If a dog is laying on the floor, he grabs a blanket and curls right up with them and snuggles. (oh... and the dogs love the attention they get from him.
*He has been waiting for snow for months now. Every day he asks me if he can go build a snowman or have a snowball fight with daddy, whether there is snow on the ground or not. Just last night we got our first substantial snow and that was the first question out of his mouth as his feet hit the floor. Sadly, Carter has a cold and hasn't been feeling well so I opted not to go out today. Instead, we had a snowball fight indoors!!!! How you ask??? Daddy's socks make the best snowballs and don't break... well... much. ;)

*Carter is a very good eater. He loves to eat anything and is usually willing to try something new. He loves shrimp, fruit, steak, pizza, and mac'n'cheese (to name a few)
*His vocabulary amazes me more and more each day! Sometimes I feel like I am carrying on a conversation with an adult.
*Carter LOVES music (especially Country).
His songs of choice are: Big Green Tractor- Jason Aldean
Life is a Highway- Rascall Flatts
and absolutely anything by Zac Brown Band
If you ask him what his favorite Zac Brown song is he will tell you...
"toes in water!!!"
Enjoy these pictures... these just give you a little taste of this little man!!
Carter loves to help mommy rearrange the cupboards...
He loved playing in the leaves this fall!

my handsome little man...

These pictures were taken on a day of one hundred faces...




this was Kenny's wig for Halloween... meet Carter Dirt...

a sneak peak into my future?!

My little fashionista....

Loved carving pumpkins...

Carter and his puppies...

Friday, December 3, 2010


This is my little Chunka Munka Luv Bug!
It is so hard for me to believe that Elliot will soon be turning 1! *gulp*
Over the past year, Elliot had developed quite the personality and has been a joy to have in our lives. Everyday he is learning something new (no thanks to his big brother).
*Elliot loves to play (mainly with Carter's toys, which doesn't make Carter too happy).
*He loves to eat anything and everything!
His favorite foods are: Raspberries, Carrots, Pears, Mac'n'cheese, Apples, Peas, Grapes, and the list goes on and on!
*He is getting so close to walking. Nothing will be safe in a few weeks!!!
Oh and did I mention he LOVES to climb the stairs! As soon as he hears the gate being moved, he is off like a rocket!
*Elliot can now say Mama, Dada, Hello and Woof!
He loves to play with my phone and hold it to his ear and yell 'Hello!'
*He now has 5 teeth with a few more getting close to pop thru! I call him Snaggletooth cause he only has one tooth on top! So cute!!
*Elliot LOVES to give kisses. He puckers up those little lips, leans in, and blows on your lips or cheek, and says 'whaaa'! I LOVE KISSES!!
Elliot's favorite toy is a farm puzzle. He loves to pull out all the pieces and put the knobs into his mouth and carry them around...

Whooooo is the cutest of them all???!!!

Elliot fell in love with pumpkin season. He loved all of the little treasures Carter would bring home from the pumpkin patch.

Don't you want to just kiss those lips?
Not to brag... but I get to every day!!! :)

Hello there, blue eyes!

Notice most of these pictures are of Elliot in his highchair... like I said... this kid loves to eat!
He spends most of his time in his highchair eating... just like his mommy!!! ;)


This is our new face we make.
Too stinkin' cute!

He is absolutely obsessed with his Nuni (binki). These suckers go everywhere with us. (and are in SEVERAL pictures I have... but he's just too darn cute!)


Model-in-training... hahaha

Friday, November 5, 2010

Sandbridge 2010

It felt sooooo good to get our toes in the sand!!

Elliot spent most of his time eating... this is the week he started eating some table foods... boy was he IN LOVE!

Cater and Matt got into a marker fight...
What started as an accidental mark on Matt's arm... turned into an all out war!

I don't know who looks worse... but notice how Carter has kept himself armed with a marker?!

Matt is quite the artist.

And Carter is good with drawing circles...

They called a truce and headed to the beach. Carter begged Matt to take him into the ocean all week! (Mommy doesn't do the ocean where she can't see her feet)

Mr. Cool at the beach.


The Hamball.

Nana and her babies.

Carter and his Pappy.

Chunka Munka Love Bug!

Not quite sure what he ate... but there are still remnants.