Tuesday, March 30, 2010


So I finally broke down and cut the mullet (according to Molly) off! I was really sick of people calling Carter a 'her'... even though HE was wearing tractors, trucks, and camo!! seriously people....
We we spent one Saturday morning... choppin it off! I was expecting a full on temper tantrum with kicking and screaming... cause that is usually what I get when I try to brush his hair.
He proved me wrong. He sat still, didn't make a sound and cooperated like a big boy!

The only problem we did have was that he enjoyed sucking on the nasty cape... ewww!
Boys will be boys!

getting a little bored....

This kid has been dying to get out in the swing. Finally the weather has gotten warm enough for us to do that! He was LOVIN the swing this day!

My little Jason...

Elliot is changing daily! He is smiling, giggling and showing an awesome personality! I just love him to pieces! C'mon... how do you not love this face?!

... and this face is super lovable too! My little nephew Max is growing so quickly!
LOVE him!

Another Carter story...
Carter, Mom, Elliot and I went to lunch the other day. Elliot was up to his usual... sleeping. And Carter was in an awesome mood! He was an absolute angel. He ate all of his lunch and then some. We thought as a treat we would get dessert. We ordered tiramisu (which was yummy, by the way). When the waitress brought the dessert, she took Carter's EMPTY plate. As soon as he realized that his plate was gone... he went into crazy mode. He started 'yelling' at her saying, "My plate... hey!... gone... my plate!!!!" It was hilarious! I looked at him and said "Que Pasa?" (which is something I say to him all the time...) He looked at her across the restaurant... and says "Que Pasa Baby?!?" Seriously... did my two year old just call the rather cute waitress Baby??? I think I am gonna have my hands full in the very near future!!!
And now I will leave you with my boys... who are my pride and joy!
I am truly a very lucky girl to have two amazing children and a wonderful husband!
Almost every night we have cuddle time. Carter and Daddy cuddle up and watch a movie... Elliot got to join them this night.

After Carter goes to bed... Daddy and Elliot get to sleep... er um... cuddle

My sleeping angel!


Wednesday, March 24, 2010

a little update...

Hello all! I'm not putting pictures up today... cause i'm too lazy to upload them to my computer... but I will get them up soon. Just wanted to update everyone on the kids...

Elliot had his 2 month check up friday... and boy is he growing. He was up to 14 lbs. 8 oz. and 23 inches long. Short and chubby... just like his mommy! Finally a child that has some resemblance of me! Carter grew a few inces in the last six months... and gained a couple pounds! He is really changing and becoming a big boy! He never ceases to amaze me!
Carter is absolutely in love with his little brother... I am constantly pulling him off of Elliot. All he wants to do is cuddle with him.. or hold him! Elliot is getting used to his big brother... but still gets that oh-crap!-here-he-comes-again!-look when Carter comes near.
Just a few funny stories:

We were driving through town the other day and we passed a group of college girls walking down the sidewalk... he yells at me to stop! I asked him why i needed to stop and he preceded to say, "Ladies mommy. Hellllllooooo Ladies!" REALLY!?! He really needs to not be left alone with his father!!!!!
We were driving to meet some friends for dinner the other night... and Carrie Underwood came on the radio.
Jason: who's this on the radio?
Carter: Carrie!
Jason: Do you want Carrie to be your mommy?
Carter: Yeah!
Jason: Would you kiss her?
Carter: Yeah!
Jason: Who else would she kiss?
Carter: Daddy.
Jason: Well then... who kisses mommy?
Carter: (without skipping a beat) Kenny! (Jason's brother)
Jason: Oh really!? How many times?
Carter: (without skipping a beat, again) two!
** NO mommy doesn't kiss Kenny... but Carter blames Uncle Kenny for everything!**
I hope everyone is doing well... I promise to get pictures up soon!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

He's not a baby anymore...

It is very hard to believe that Carter is TWO! Where has the time gone?!
We celebrated Carter's birthday... twice this past weekend.
We had a Lightening McQueen cake and a Mike Wazowski cake. My friend Roxanne made them... aren't they awesome?!

He absolutely loved everyone singing to him... He was all smiles all night.

Several times throughout the night, Carter would run up to me, hug me and say 'Happy Mommy!'

Enjoying his second party...

Carter and Aunt Chloe

Carter and Uncle Mike

Great Grandpa Byerly and Carter playing with ALL of his cars at the dining room table

Carter is a very happy kid.
He loves tractors and cars. Anything with wheels... and he's happy.
He loves his dogs and his little brother. He is always 'duggling' (cuddling) with them.
His favorite movies are: Ice Age 1, 2 and 3, Monster's Inc., Finding Nemo and Cars
Carter's absolute favorite person is his uncle Matthew. He is always dressing up with his fire boots and hat and tells me that he is going to 'baryland' (Maryland) to see 'Mattchew' We count down the days until Mattchew will visit.
We were hunting one morning... wearing dad's hat and sunglasses.

My Little Tank!

Elliot is growing sooo quickly!
At his 1 month check up on Feb 12th he weighed 11 lbs 2 oz and was 22 inches long!
Yeah that's right... my son put on 3 lbs in one month, and isn't stopping. I think he is at least 12 lbs now... and still growing!
Carter loves holding his 'little' brother. He is constantly 'duggling' (cuddling) with him.
What a great big brother!!

Elliot and Max. Born only 5 weeks apart!
Us Drew's really know how to make cute kids... huh?!

My sleeping angel.

He likes to sleep.... alot!

Awake and alert!!

He is now smiling ALL the time!! This just melts my heart!


I'm an aunt!!

Welcome Max Charles Drew!
Born February 15, 2010 at 7:41 am
6 lbs 11 oz 18 3/4 inches
He's perfect!!

I have absolutely fallen in love with this little man.
He is sooooo stinkin' adorable.
Elliot and Max are only 5 weeks apart... which will be wonderful for them growing up together. Plus, Carter can teach them everything he knows! (There goes the neighborhood!)

Such a tiny little peanut!