Thursday, November 5, 2009

A Monkey and Ice Cream

It was quite an interesting Halloween this year. I didn't realize that when I bought this adorable monkey suit... it would suit him so well. I bought it several months ago and since then, he has been practicing the part... as you can see.

We didn't take him door to door this year... cause that would involve a lot of driving for us... so we compromised. Friday I took him to Patty's, Mom's, and Dad's work. The kid got so much loot... I'm glad we didn't do the door to door thing. Jason and I will be eating TONS of candy for quite some time!
He was quite exhausted from the busy morning of performing for everyone... He collapsed on the market floor...

There was a banana attached to the sleeve... and he 'ate' it all day long.

The infamous 'surprise face'... need I say more?

Nana brought Ice Cream cones for dessert one night... definitely a hit with Carter. He ate the entire thing! As you can see, he was eating it from both ends....

Yummy in my tummy!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Carter is quite the character. He loves his dogs. He wrestles every time he gets the opportunity. Obviously Mickey has retired the idea that Carter needs to leave him alone... and goes with the flow. These two are the best of buds.

We have discovered coloring. And we absolutely love coloring. There isn't a day that we aren't coloring.
We color everything that we can get our hands on...
Did I mention that he likes to eat the crayons and markers? Yummy! Many of our markers and crayons are missing their tips... he gets those suckers in his mouth before I even know it!

Carter loves his daddy... they are buddies.

We have been so busy this past month picking pumpkins. Carter absolutely loved this pumpkin season. He came out the the patch with us on several occasions... picking pumpkins and dirt of course!

Carter has decided that his name is Gus and he is 2.
People are constantly asking his name and age when we are out and about... and he responds 'Gus' and '2', without skipping a beat. I guess I should have named him Gus....

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Golfin' with the guys

The Fire Department had their annual golf outing at the end of August and Carter really enjoyed himself. We arrived early for the outing so I could help with registering all the men and Carter took that extra time as an opportunity for Daddy to teach him a thing or two about golf.

"I didn't get a bit of that golfing business, Mommy. Can we go shopping instead?"


Monday, August 17, 2009

After I loaded all of these pictures on the page I realized they all have one thing in common.... He's naked in all of them! It's been a hot few weeks and we have been enjoying the freedom!!
Daddy took Carter on a Mule ride to cool off... they went up and down the road a million times and Carter was loving it!

I'm not sure who loved the pool more... Carter or the dogs.

We also have a new found love of bubbles!!! Morning, noon, and night... he is begging me for a bubble bath!

Loves to eat the bubbles....

Corn on the cob is his FAVORITE!! We have corn almost every night....
He absolutely loves it.

P.S. Carter is going to have a baby brother!!! :)

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Boys will be boys!!

I was completely ashamed the other day when I got on here and realized that I haven't posted pictures since May!! We have been super busy. Mom and Dad have decided to sell their house... I am doing Farmer's Market three days a week... and so on and so forth!
Carter is growing like a weed and continually amazes me every day! We have realized that we have an opinion and are entitled to share it! Hopefully we'll get this out of our system soon!
He has become quite the daddy's boy and is all about getting dirty... as you can see.

He was only outside with Jason and Bill for a few minutes... but was able to get dirty enough to need a bath before dinner.

Mom and Dad had a garage sale last week and Carter was such a big help! He made sure Pappy was using his pig poke the right way...


So when daddy and Carter get together and play.... nothing good comes out of it. As you can see.... we were having a blast!

One of the many messes I have to clean up every day!

Carter was feeding Mickey some goldfish... and having a good time.

If I can't find him.. this is usually where he is! Where is daddy? Where is bill?

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Trip to Maryland

We went to Maryland a few weeks ago to visit Matthew for his Fire Academy Graduation. While we were down there we decided to visit the Maryland Zoo. I have been dying to take Carter to the Zoo... and this was the perfect opportunity.
This is my little Tortuga... isn't he cute?

The Otters put on quite the show for us. This one was a character. He came directly up to the glass where we were standing... and began performing. He did a little dance, turned around, began stomping his feet... and then relieved himself at us! It was quite interesting to say the least!

So this is the first exhibit when you enter the Zoo. Quite interesting to say the least.....

We didn't get to see any bow-chicka-wow-wow... but he was pacing and sniffing. I think she was on the other side of the gate....

This was my absolute favorite!! They had this really neat balconey that you walked out on and they were just standing right there... like 20 feet away! They also had a giraffe feeding station... which looked cool but we didn't do that. (not this time at least)

Carter was absolutely infatuated with his Uncle Chew all weekend long! Wherever Matt was... Carter was. This picture is a little fuzzy... but you get the idea. I think we may have a future firefighter on our hands!

LOVE this picture. Carter just pulled Matthew around all night... going here and there.

A little big... but someday he'll grow up to fit it!

Just cute!
I have to appologize for my slacking the last month. It has been one crazy ride. We have battled bronchitis, pink eye, sinus infections, and the flu. I hope that this is the end of the illnesses for a bit and we can get back to normal.
On a better note... If you haven't heard... Jason and I are expecting our 2nd child somewhere in mid-January. Yay!!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

We took a trip to Phipps Conservatory in Pittsburgh a few weeks ago. It was absolutely beautiful! The tulips were at their peak... and gorgeous!

This is an amazing room. We figured that this is one of the rooms at Phipps where a wedding ceremony can be held... absolutely stunning!

There are amazing pieces of hand blown glass throughout the Conservatory. These are the ones that caught my eye!

More pictures of the beautiful flowers!

Carter loved wondering around! Checking everything out.. and getting into everything! I even think he did some gardening that day... whether they like it or not!

This was a really cool tree they had out in one of the courtyards. It was huge! They hollowed out the trunk and carved steps in it. Carter and the girls were able to go into the tree... and climb to the top!

Maggie, Carter, Molly and Jenna

The fountain that he fell in love with! It was the perfect size for him. Luckily it was soooo hot that day... the was able to splash in the water for a while.

I found this spot for him and thought it would be a good place for some pictures... boy was I wrong! It was right beside a fountain and all he wanted to do was get in the water!

More water.... and absolute fascination!

We loved the fish!

They had the most amazing orchid room. There were orchids of every size and color. I took a million pictures of them... but this is the one that I loved.

And now we get down to Monkey Business.....
We love bathtime... and soaking Mom and Dad! This is a very good indication that we will be soaked in about 3.5 seconds...
3.5 seconds is up!!!!

Going in for the kill....

Got him!!! Very sweet.. but very wet! The tongue is ALWAYS out!

The innocent Drew look... yeah right!

I guess something was funny! He loves beating his chest like a gorilla... not sure where he learned that one... DAD!?!
One of his favorite things to do with daddy....

Didn't want to look at the camera... but turned out to be a good picture, much to his dismay!