Wednesday, May 6, 2009

We took a trip to Phipps Conservatory in Pittsburgh a few weeks ago. It was absolutely beautiful! The tulips were at their peak... and gorgeous!

This is an amazing room. We figured that this is one of the rooms at Phipps where a wedding ceremony can be held... absolutely stunning!

There are amazing pieces of hand blown glass throughout the Conservatory. These are the ones that caught my eye!

More pictures of the beautiful flowers!

Carter loved wondering around! Checking everything out.. and getting into everything! I even think he did some gardening that day... whether they like it or not!

This was a really cool tree they had out in one of the courtyards. It was huge! They hollowed out the trunk and carved steps in it. Carter and the girls were able to go into the tree... and climb to the top!

Maggie, Carter, Molly and Jenna

The fountain that he fell in love with! It was the perfect size for him. Luckily it was soooo hot that day... the was able to splash in the water for a while.

I found this spot for him and thought it would be a good place for some pictures... boy was I wrong! It was right beside a fountain and all he wanted to do was get in the water!

More water.... and absolute fascination!

We loved the fish!

They had the most amazing orchid room. There were orchids of every size and color. I took a million pictures of them... but this is the one that I loved.

And now we get down to Monkey Business.....
We love bathtime... and soaking Mom and Dad! This is a very good indication that we will be soaked in about 3.5 seconds...
3.5 seconds is up!!!!

Going in for the kill....

Got him!!! Very sweet.. but very wet! The tongue is ALWAYS out!

The innocent Drew look... yeah right!

I guess something was funny! He loves beating his chest like a gorilla... not sure where he learned that one... DAD!?!
One of his favorite things to do with daddy....

Didn't want to look at the camera... but turned out to be a good picture, much to his dismay!


Lindsey said...

love the pics. I have to get Addison down to phipps soon,it looks amazing. and yes, we definately have to do a date soon!

Jessica said...

Those are GREAT pics! I'm sure you're loving your new camera! We can't wait to see you all in a couple of weeks! Happy Mother's Day to you :)