Monday, December 15, 2008

It's the most wonderful time of the year....

Just a few beautiful pictures I took Sunday morning when we were getting a Christmas Tree.

A 'buckrub' that the hunters missed... which amazed me cause they are such avid hunters.

So.... Sunday afternoon we went to the fire station to see Santa. Oh boy... what an interesting first encounter with Santa. As you can tell - Carter was not a big fan of the man in red...

So we opted for Jason to hold him and Santa just stood beside him...

Didn't work either....

So we just put him in Santa's chair.....

and Santa thought he could sneak in... but that didn't work either.... maybe next year!

It is a family tradition for us to go cut Christmas trees early one Sunday morning every year. This year the Gilmore's were able to join us (minus Charlie... who stayed at home with Nonna). We always have such a blast. We all gather together around 7 am... yeah thats right... 7 am and go for our trees. We all spread out looking for the perfect tree. Once everyone has made a decision and the men have cut the trees down... we eat! (Out in the freezing cold... but sooooo much fun!)

The Gilmore's (Jackson, James and Jessica)

Maggie punching Claire because of some smart comment she made... Isn't it great to have her home from college? How many more days til she goes back? (kidding!)

The Drew's. Yeah... I was freezing... but my men were warm!

The Byerly's and The Drew's. A good picture except for Jason and Matthew... but what do you expect? (kidding again!)

So we got together for a group picture of all of the cousins that were there and Uncle Chris got a hold of my camera.... What a funny guy!

That's better....

Little man all bundled up trying to eat Cheerios in Uncle Chew's front seat. All he wanted to do was stand up and play with the steering wheel.

Daddy and Carter

The ham of all hams!!!!

As you can see... Carter is sportin' the snaggle-tooth look, but that second tooth has now broken through!

Check out the mohawk!

Jason was doing a good job of cracking him up! I live with two goofballs!

Not so happy about going to Lowe's for the second time in one day! I opened the car door and he gave me this look like... not again!!!

So his exersaucer has been put in the bathroom for those days that I need him entertained while I am in the shower... and he is not the biggest fan of that! But the other day I wised up and gave him Cheerios... and what a hit that was! There were a few 'leftovers' hanging out on the bottom and you guessed it... he found them! He crawled in there and was gobbling them up before I knew what he was doing! This picture definitely depicts the fact that he was caught in the act... don't you think? (Oh yeah... and please ignore the fact that he is still in his pj's.... we were having a lazy day!)

We now know how to clap... and that's all we do.

Playing with Nana's baby spatula. He loves the pink one!

I just love the butt shot! He is too stinkin cute with the boots on and pants off!

Givin' his momma some kisses! Such a sweet boy!

I just loved this picture!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Tony's Pictures

While we were visiting family in Louisiana, we had some pictures taken by a friend of the family. He did a wonderful job. I hope you enjoy them!

Carter and Charlie... what a ham that Charlie is!

One of my favorite pictures of the lil man...

I just loved this picture when I saw it...

We had a picture of all the great grandchildren taken for my Grandma's birthday... What a great looking bunch. Don't you think?

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I just got these pictures onto my computer... and wanted to share them. My cousin, Jonathan, took these when he was home in October. I thought they were too cute....

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Just some fun...

The boys brought the combine back to the farm on a rainy day to do some 'fine tuning' and Carter was able to get up in there with his daddy. You should've seen the faces on both of them when Carter got up in that combine!! PRICELESS!

We had a blast visiting with our family in LA. This is Charlie, my cousin Jessica's son. He is such a ham! I thought there was a hole in the peach puff container.... but it was just the peach puff theif! Charlie enjoyed Carter being there... because we always had TONS of food for Carter and Charlie to eat!

We had pictures taken on Sunday while we were down there. This is just one of the beautiful trees at the State Park that we had the pictures taken. So beautiful there!

Poor Carter and Charlie were the two most immobile children of the group... so they were the last to get up off the blanket after pictures. These two were cracking us up! Charlie kept licking Carter... and as we would laugh... he would do it more! It was hilarious! Jess had bribed the children with skittles... and of course my son got a hold of the bag. But it was all good... at least it kept him occupied while Tony was getting some good pictures! (and no... he didn't eat any!)

My beautiful baby girl! This is Kenzie.... we were outside with the dogs and was able to get a few good shots of both of them. Just wanted to share a picture of each.

And this is Mickey....

Catchin' a free ride on daddy's shoulders! Of course it only lasted for a few seconds before he wanted down. Not a big fan of sitting in one place for more than a few seconds! Little man is always on the run!

Carter is in the Jump'n'go. My friend Kim let us borrow it since Courtney isn't using it. It is one of Carter's favorite things to do. I can put him in there while I am cooking dinner... and he entertains himself! LOVE IT!

Up in the tree! (Not really... Daddy's just holding him up there!)

My son loves to be naked! I allow it to a certain extent... the diaper must stay on!
He is playing at another one of his favorite toys. It sings and plays music - a great thing!

I fear it won't be long before he is walking. If it involves sitting... he's not interested! He is constantly climbing up on his toys and everything else in the house. This was him 'dancing' while the music was playing.

What a goofball!

Carter's first combine ride. It was too cute! We were standing in the shop and Bill offered to give Carter a ride up to the shed... since he had to take the combine up there. He grinned from ear to ear for the rest of the night! (and so did daddy!)