Monday, December 15, 2008

The ham of all hams!!!!

As you can see... Carter is sportin' the snaggle-tooth look, but that second tooth has now broken through!

Check out the mohawk!

Jason was doing a good job of cracking him up! I live with two goofballs!

Not so happy about going to Lowe's for the second time in one day! I opened the car door and he gave me this look like... not again!!!

So his exersaucer has been put in the bathroom for those days that I need him entertained while I am in the shower... and he is not the biggest fan of that! But the other day I wised up and gave him Cheerios... and what a hit that was! There were a few 'leftovers' hanging out on the bottom and you guessed it... he found them! He crawled in there and was gobbling them up before I knew what he was doing! This picture definitely depicts the fact that he was caught in the act... don't you think? (Oh yeah... and please ignore the fact that he is still in his pj's.... we were having a lazy day!)

We now know how to clap... and that's all we do.

Playing with Nana's baby spatula. He loves the pink one!

I just love the butt shot! He is too stinkin cute with the boots on and pants off!

Givin' his momma some kisses! Such a sweet boy!

I just loved this picture!

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