Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Summer of Fun

The boys and I headed to Destin, FL with my Aunt Cindy last week. We met Jess, Lana, Charlie and Jackson there. It was a wonderful escape from PA for a few days! I wish we would have been there for 2 weeks.. but I'll take what I can get. These are just a few of the millions of pictures that we took for the 5 days we were there.
This is the view of the ocean as soon as you come over the crest of the walkway from our place. Breathtaking isn't it?!

The view from the back of our place.
This would be the pond that my son tried to run to but a huge hedge stopped him... ugh.
(The hedge would be the cause of the huge cut under his eye in most of these pictures)

another angle...

Nothing like having your toes in the sand.
(Thanks Lana for modeling your toes off for me!!)

Lana, myself and the boys headed to the beach early one morning. They were soooo excited to be the only ones on the beach... other than the poor seagulls they chased all morning.

The boys 'playing' in the sand...
to me it looks like they are plotting something... hmmmm....

Carter was not a fan of the sand on his face. I tried explaining to him that it gets there from his hands.... but he was hearing none of that!!!

My little man...
This was Carter's photo session on the beach

He was being a little stubborn and not looking at the camera... but I think I got some pretty nice shots!

Charlie Beckett!!
Carter just loves him!

Jackson Walker!
What a ham... there was never a dull moment with this little man around!
Ok.. so Lana and I thought it would be an awesome idea to get a picture of the boys before we headed back to the condo.
Much to our dismay.... there was a guy who was setting up the chairs and umbrellas. No biggie, right?! Normally no... but not when he is running a power tool. He had a drill with a very long head on it and was drilling holes in the sand to put the umbrellas in....
Lana and I couldn't compete.
As much as we yelled and clapped... their attention stayed on the man with the power tool...
ok... so we are getting there....

Eventually the man with the power tool came and stood behind us so that the boys were looking at us.... Phew... that was an ordeal!

Elliot's photo session
He adored his Aunt Lana...

He discovered he could stand along the side of the bed with a little help...
this was exciting stuff!

ok... so all the pictures are of Elliot nude. I have an explaination for that. I was running the tub for his bathtime and Lana was getting him ready. He began hammin' it up... so we grabbed the camera. It was quite a funny few minutes.
This is my little gorilla...

more kisses from Aunt Lana...

Everyone hit up Aunt Cindy for some change to throw in the fountain..

After Carter threw all of his in the fountain... he decided to take it all back!
Kidding... he was just picking it up to throw it right back in.

The boys...

The merry-go-round. The boys had sooo much fun on it!

Summer fun back in PA

We have fallen in love with swimming...
might I add that he is just a handsome little devil with those goggles on! HAHA

One Sunday it poured. It poured so hard that we got over an inch of rain within several minutes and ended up with this fun...
well... not this fun... (but this is Elliot spectating)
but this fun....

Emma and Christian were home visiting from New Orleans... and had a blast!

Annie Kay getting in on the action!

Water fight!
Cater gettin' in on the action, too!
What a bunch!
Carter, Annie, Christian, Emma and Jalynn (Molly's friend from Baltimore)
Daddy took us to the Zoo on his day off. We had a blast. Carter really enjoyed watching the Gorillas. We decided that this gorilla was the Elliot of the bunch. He was just laying on the hill, grabbing his feet and rolling around. Too cute!
the ephalants!
this ostrich was going nuts! She was just running around and getting pretty close to us bystanders!

Carter and Elliot loved the Aquarium. Their favorites were the seals and the penguins. We sat and watched them for quite some time!
Ell was definitely enjoying himself!!
Daddy and son... too cute!
That's it for now. I'll get some more on soon! Sorry for the long gap in getting pics up. It has been one crazy summer...