Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Puppy love!

Carter met the newest member to Kenny and Maria's family... Morgan! She is only a few weeks old and is the cutest beagle puppy out there! He absolutely fell in love as soon as he saw her!

Go Steelers!

Not sure what he was wanting here from Morgan... I think he was puckering up for a kiss.

Jason and I both had Tuesday off this week so we decided to go to Lone Maple (a John Deere store). Uncle Chew rode along with us. Carter was in heaven! He didn't know what to look at first... the HUGE tractors outside... the mowers inside... the gator... the collectible tractors... I could go on for quite some time. Matt and Jason found it hilariously funny to put all the hats on Carter's head. This one was exceptionally funny cause the hat stood straight up on his head.

Passed out after his big adventure to the John Deere store...

Ever wonder what smeared peaches look like? Yeah.. this is it! Jason left the container of peaches a little too close to Carter.

This was just too funny not to put on here........

Sunday, September 21, 2008


No pictures tonight... I'm too exhausted from the week. Carter was at the Dr. for his 6 month checkup. He weighs 17 lbs. 4 oz. and is 27 3/8 inches long! He's quite the lump.

We are all doing well... but Carter got his first cold this week. So we have been battling the runny/stuffy nose for the last few days. Oh what fun!!!!

I promise I'll get some new pictures up soon!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

We love fall time!

Carter was introduced to pumpkins for the first time the other day... and loved them! He sat in the bin of pumpkins for quite awhile. And to think he has only seen the few white ones we have in at the market!

He was helping to unload the Mule full of pumpkins. What a helper!

He was literally crawling all over the pumpkins. He couldn't decide which one he wanted to touch and play with so he made sure he got them all!

The stems are delicious too!

Check out the chompers! He definitely knows how to use them too!

Not quite ready for bed I would say....

Lovin the sweet potatoes!

Sweet peas.... not so much!

A Drew look if I've ever seen one!

Monday, September 1, 2008

A week of firsts!

This has been a very exciting week in the Drew household! We have experienced many new and exciting things.... take a peek!
Carter started baby food this week. He loves his bananas and pears... and absolutely loves sitting in his highchair. This picture was taken at work. I pulled out the camera to get a picture of him and this is what I got. He was sooooo excited to be sitting in the highchair like a big boy. He saw a new world that day!

First time to sit on a tractor! Daddy has been dying to get him up on a tractor! He looked way to comfortable perched up there.... oh boy!

Our first two teeth! The picture is fuzzy... but they are there! Both of his bottom teeth came in on Wednesday morning. I woke up and he was just as miserable as could be and was rubbing his gums on anything he could get his hands on. I decided to massage his gums a little and found these two wonderful surprises! They are soooo crooked but soooo cute!

Another picture of him up on his new found love! Only green and yellow for this boy!

I just love this picture!

He is basically sitting up on his own which is also a new development this week! He is so proud of himself when he is sitting there.

Pappy and Carter goofing around... They are too funny when they are together!

Uncle Chew and Carter. I was soooo glad Matt let me take this picture. They are too cute together!

Carter and Molly. He just loves her. They were posing for a picture and he grabbed her nose as I took the shot... Its too funny! He loves picking on her as you can tell....