Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Puppy love!

Carter met the newest member to Kenny and Maria's family... Morgan! She is only a few weeks old and is the cutest beagle puppy out there! He absolutely fell in love as soon as he saw her!

Go Steelers!

Not sure what he was wanting here from Morgan... I think he was puckering up for a kiss.

Jason and I both had Tuesday off this week so we decided to go to Lone Maple (a John Deere store). Uncle Chew rode along with us. Carter was in heaven! He didn't know what to look at first... the HUGE tractors outside... the mowers inside... the gator... the collectible tractors... I could go on for quite some time. Matt and Jason found it hilariously funny to put all the hats on Carter's head. This one was exceptionally funny cause the hat stood straight up on his head.

Passed out after his big adventure to the John Deere store...

Ever wonder what smeared peaches look like? Yeah.. this is it! Jason left the container of peaches a little too close to Carter.

This was just too funny not to put on here........

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Annie M said...

i seriously teared up when i watched that video..he is such an angel!!! i am trying to imagine what he's going to be like when i see him least your blogging, i don't feel like i'm missing as much. love yall.