Monday, July 18, 2011

A Summer of fun!!!!

It has been a million years since I have posted pictures of the boys.

Thought I might get a few up before the graduate high school!

The lady at the bank always seems to give my kids the blue lollipops...

they love them... I hate them.

By the time we are around the block from the bank Elliot usually has it almost completely eaten with remnants of blue lollipop under his chin, in his hair, and crusted in his eyelashes.

Needless to say, I always have a wipe or two ready!!

Carter is a little more meticulous when it comes to eating his lollipops.

He likes to savor the lollipop and it takes him roughly an hour to finish it.


My little wet baby. He always has to take a break from swimming to grab a snack...
or two... or three.

Man this kid looks like Uncle Matt in this picture!

If you look closely... Carter's little thumb is crooked. It is always bent and never straightens. If you try to straighten it... Carter screams bloody murder. (learned that one the hard way one day in a crowded restaurant)

He likes to tell people that God gave him that crooked thumb and that's what makes him special.

Ell and his Molly.

Ell and his Jenna

Uncle Chris tagged along with us one HOT night to go cool off at Jim's pool.

Carter had been fighting me the last couple of times about getting in the water and actually trying to swim. He would have none of it. He just wanted to float around in his ring or jump into my arms (not into the water) from the side of the pool.

I guess the secret was to bring Chris along and have him call Carter a sissy once or twice...

now look at the kid!!!

Chris is yellin "C'mon sissy! Jump!!"

And so he does....


And now he is addicted and wants to do a million and one cannonballs!!!

Elliot was of course yelling at me cause I was taking pictures and not in the pool with him.

Uncle Chris also worked with Carter on his swimming techniques...

One happy boy when he is in the pool!

Friday, June 24, 2011

busy, busy, busy

We are alive!!! It has been a crazy few months to say the least. I promise I will be getting on within the next few days to get a new post with new pictures of the boys. They are growing up soooooooo fast!

See you in a few short days!!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

My baby is 3!!!

It is soooo hard to believe that Carter is 3!
He had a wonderful birthday and actually got the concept of a birthday this year.
Here are some pictures of the past few months...
they are growing so fast!
The boys had a movie night with daddy.
The tent was set up.
Snacks were handed out.
The favorite movie was watched!

Want some?!
This yogurt is oh so yummy!!

Fish lips!

Help!! My brother attacked me with stickers!!

Where's the baby?

I love me some balloons!!

The birthday boy blowing out the candles...
since his birthday we have been singing and 'blowing out' candles on a daily basis.

Lovely son... lovely!

Snuggle bugs!

We had an absolutely gorgeous day and took advantage of it.
Carter had been dying to take his gator out and break it in since Christmas!
We finally had the chance... and the boys loved it!
Random pic of the boys that got mixed in with the outside pictures.!!!!!!

Why hello little Jason!


Which one do I house first?!

An almost perfect picture...


All I have to say is keep your distance when Ell has a golf club!
It gets pretty dangerous!
Monkey See... Monkey Do!!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Life is Crazy!

We are still here!!! I promise to try to get more pictures up, more often.
We are doing well. Elliot turned 1 a few weeks ago... yes that's right... MY BABY IS ONE!!
It is so hard for me to believe that he has only been a part of our lives for a year... it feels like he has been a part of this family forever!
Elliot is quite the hamm!
He loves to torment his brother.
Eating is his #1 priority!! As soon as he get up... time to eat! If he see's Carter eating anything... he has to eat too! What can I say... he's a growing boy!
Ell is walking like a champ! (running when his brother is chasing him)
He can say "mama" "dada" "woowoowoo" (barking dog) and so on...
At his 1 year check up Elliot weighed 23 pounds and is 30 inches long. (My little chunka munka)
not quite sure what this face is about... but look at those adorable teeth!

Carter had a little mini photo session... and these are the pictures I ended up with...
p.s. I know the kid needs a haircut... he has gotten one since I took these pictures.

What a sweet face...

There's the Carter I know and love!
Nanna and Pap got C this bike for Christmas and he only gets off of it when it is time to eat, needs a bathroom break, or it's time for bed. It's the first thing he seeks out when he gets out of bed in the morning. He LOVES it! oh... did I mention that Carter also LOVES to chase Elliot around the house.

Ell and his balls... 'nuf said.
He carries anything and everything around the house... but prefers to carry balls.
They are fun. They bounce. The dogs chase them when I throw them... what's not to love?!

So by dinnertime... the boys are absolutely sick of me!
That's when the 'fun' parent steps in and saves the day!
What's not to love about daddy????
He winds us up.
We get loud.
We play hide and seek.
We run and he chases us.
We get to do things that mom has been telling us not to do all day.

oh.. and did we mention that he lets us run around the house naked??!!

We were extra wound up this night!

Too cute not to share this one!
Elliot was running laps around the upstairs between bedrooms but was very cautious as he rounded a corner... ya never know when dad was going to be there to scare ya!

Eventually we get both monsters corraled in the bathroom for tubs!
Carter would play in the tub for hours!

Elliot and his nunni's...
Man he loves his nunni's.
He has to have one in his mouth and one in each hand just to fall asleep at night...