Saturday, April 25, 2009

Does it ever stop?

We have discovered that we can climb on tables.... oh what fun! (Definitely trying to break him of that!)

Now that he climbs up on the table... he can see what mommy hides on the dining room table. Obviously he spotted something he likes!

A man on a mission!

See the stairs... conquer the stairs...

What's this? A rock? I will throw it!

We are constantly throwing these stones throughout the yard. I was ok when we weren't mowing the grass... but now that we are, we have to comb thru the grass before we mow! (Don't need a broken window)

He got really quiet the other day... I searched for him and found him at the top of the landing with a book and Sis (Kenzie). He carried the book up the stairs with him... too cute!

WARNING: What you are about to see, was done without a womans supervision!!!!!!

It all started when Jason got his bulldozer running...

Welcome to Testosterone Fest 2009

A few weeks ago, Jason and Bill mentioned about taking out a few of the unnecessary trees from behind my house. I was ok with that... didn't sound too harmful... right? WRONG!

Tuesday I was sitting inside doing some computer work when I heard the rumble of a tractor and bulldozer... That always worries me!

I looked out the back window of my house... and there it was....

A FEW TREES?!? More like all the trees!

It makes me wonder if these guys are even safe...

They definitely tag-teamed those poor trees... they didn't even see it coming. (Oh yeah.. did I mention that the little sheds are gone too?????)

I now sit in my house and look at the pile of trees that were ripped down and the huge hole in my backyard. I'll be sure to put a picture up of the finished product... when it happens. As of now.. 3/4 of the trees are still sitting out back waiting to be burned.

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Lindsey said...

he's getting so big. what a little man. we have to get together for lunch again soon. love ya