Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Think Spring!

Happy Easter to everyone! We are beginning to see signs of spring! Some flowers are blooming, the trees are budding, and Bill has begun the planting process... Finally!
One of the few pretty flowers in my weed garden.... I really need to work on that this year!

We celebrated Easter at Bill and Teresa's house. Lots of delicious food and tons of laughs! Jason and Matthew hid the easter eggs for the hunt (boy... did they do a good job!). Carter really didn't get the whole idea of the egg hunt... but had a blast watching everyone running around.
He found a few eggs with the help of Nana and Pappy... but didn't get to keep the candy... BOOOO!

I was hoping that the weather would cooperate for us... The sun was shining but it was chilly. It really was a bummer that we had to wear a coat and hat...

We also spent some time at KC's house (Jason's dad).
Uncle Kenny was 'zooming' him all over! Obviously he was loving it!

All suited up to do another egg hunt!

More interested in the ground than finding the eggs.... luckily they made it easy for him.

JACKPOT!!!! Goldfish for Carter... and chocolate for Mommy!

Mr. Cool. He has an obsession with sunglasses... I guess I should buy him a pair that fit him a little better...

This is a picture of a double rainbow from the other morning. We typically see rainbows in the east...but I was able to see a rainbow in the west that morning. I just went out to get a picture of the sky... but when I got out there I realized that there was a double rainbow goin on!
I thought the contrast of the clouds and the sky were really neat...
I love this kind of stuff... Maybe I should be a storm chaser!

Doin some yardwork.

We went out to Blue Spruce Park on Jason's day off. Carter was really into the bridge and the water running under it. The boys just sat there for a while watching the water...

This would be my son trying to get down off the bridge to play in the water...

Lovin the swing!

I absolutely love this picture. Jason and Carter were playing in one of the tunnels. He was having so much fun! We'll definitely have to go back!


Annie M said...

i miss yall so much. kid looks happy as ever. see ya in a few weeks!!! and thank you for updating the blog, it means so much. i check it every day...literally! love annie

Chelsea Drew said...

I've been slacking lately...but since you are such a great follower of the blog... I will try to do it more often. we can't wait to see you!

Jessica said...

yay! Carter pics! He's so cute!