Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Boys will be boys!!

I was completely ashamed the other day when I got on here and realized that I haven't posted pictures since May!! We have been super busy. Mom and Dad have decided to sell their house... I am doing Farmer's Market three days a week... and so on and so forth!
Carter is growing like a weed and continually amazes me every day! We have realized that we have an opinion and are entitled to share it! Hopefully we'll get this out of our system soon!
He has become quite the daddy's boy and is all about getting dirty... as you can see.

He was only outside with Jason and Bill for a few minutes... but was able to get dirty enough to need a bath before dinner.

Mom and Dad had a garage sale last week and Carter was such a big help! He made sure Pappy was using his pig poke the right way...


So when daddy and Carter get together and play.... nothing good comes out of it. As you can see.... we were having a blast!

One of the many messes I have to clean up every day!

Carter was feeding Mickey some goldfish... and having a good time.

If I can't find him.. this is usually where he is! Where is daddy? Where is bill?


Annie said...

thank goodness you finally posted some pics!!! i wasnt gonna say anything cuz i knew you were busy. glad i got to be home for a bit, it was too short though! 4 weeks from today i will be home!!! <3 annie

Jessica said...

yay new pics! Lana was telling me all the new things that Carter is saying, and as she was telling me them, I could just picture Carter saying them! He's such a ham! And how fun is that riding down the carpeted stairs in a laundry basket??? We used to do that to Beau when he was little, only, if I do recall, we weren't so nice as to hold on to the basket....ooops ;)

Anonymous said...

He must take after his Aunt Mary! We always said for years that Mary has an opinion and everyone is entitled to hear it! He's adorable! Love, Aunt Cindy