Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Summertime.... its only just begun!

You might be wondering what my son is sucking on... If you have identified it as asparagus... you are right! We are right in the middle of asparagus season and Mary and I have been working soooooo hard on bundling a million pounds of asparagus for the last month. (Ok... well maybe not a million...) We were bundling some the other day and it was soooo stinkin hot that Mary gave Carter a piece of asparagus to hold - to help cool him off - since we keep it in the cooler. It was entertaining him and then all of a sudden we heard him sucking on it... it was too funny. He really loves his asparagus already!!

A hard days work deserves a long nap! This is what my son looks like at work almost every day. Carter is the only one with the 'no clothes policy' - if you were wondering... And as you can tell - my son is a thumb sucker...

Carter got to go swimming for the first time on Sunday. I wasn't sure what to expect... but he loved it! Obviously he is gonna be a water baby this summer. He really enjoyed his time in the water... so much that he pooped on his nana's leg. That was quite the experience for the both of them!

I think my son is part spitbug. I am constantly wiping his chin... so much that he has broken out in a rash due to the constant rubbing and heat! Poor thing! But obviously it doesn't affect him one bit!

We had Annie and Claire's graduation party a few weeks ago and had a million visitors that weekend. This is Isabella (Annie's cousin), who was absolutely in love with Carter. She kept kissing on him all night!

I don't even remember where we were or what we were doing... but this picture was too cute not to put on! He is such an angel.


carly said...

carter is getting too cute--i need to see you guys asap!! let us know a time/place :)

Brenda said...

i absolutely LOVE the picture with carter sleeping while sucking his thumb! thats one for a frame! he's adorable chels!