Wednesday, June 13, 2012

boys will be boys...

there is something to say about boys and their dirt...
and water...
and john deere tractors...
and trucks...
and so on...

all of my boys are happy,
but they are happiest outside...

men at work.


daddy took sawyer for his first 4 wheeler ride around the yard...
literally a few feet...
and the brothers were super excited about it!

get that thing outta my face!! 

elliot loves baking, cooking, and helping out in the kitchen.
nana and ell were making banana bread.
just a little excited about it!

carter loves to play on his mobigo!
if it gets quiet...
9 times out of 10 he is on that stinkin thing. 

molly went to prom.
the boys were pumped that they got to skip naps to see her in her dress.
carter got all dressed up to go to grand march
 (he loves to have a reason to dress up)

trying to master bike riding so that we can take off those training wheels!

we let the dogs have a swim in the pond.
elliot wanted in with them.
this momma didn't allow that!
who knows what is lurking under the surface of that water!
snapping turtles, grass carp the size of texas, humunga catfish, snakes... need I continue?!

fine then... I'll take the tractor in...
ummm... no!
luckily daddy was on it and stopped him before we were fishing the tractor out of the pond!

we have had many rainy days lately.
the boys have been begging me to let them go puddle jumping. 
so I let them.
elliot lasted for abot 2.7 seconds before he was cold.
carter on the other hand....

was out in the ditch...
in his underwear...
having the time of his life!
(don't worry people... we were on the lookout for cars!)

he hurt his foot at one point... but luckily he pushed thru it!
carter is a very dramatic child... haha

elliot found carters injury amusing.  

there is never a dull moment with these boys...
I love them so much!!

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