Tuesday, April 29, 2008

We've been busy!

He was watching his Nana so intently the other night.... she got about a million smiles out of him too! He loves to watch people and take it all in.

I was trying to give him a little tummy time and I couldn't resist taking pictures 'cause he was crackin' me up! He was just being too comical.

All smiles... all the time!! (Even when we're at work!)

That's Annie, Charlie and Jackson. We walked down to Mary's one day to check out the chickens and boy did we have an interesting time. On our way down, we noticed that one of the white chickens were out and that caught Jackson's eye. Well, he began running towards the chicken and when she saw him running towards her, she began running towards him. Annie and I began cracking up because it looked like one of those commercials where the two long lost lovers are running at one another while the Carpenter's are playing in the background. Too funny! As the chicken got a little closer, Jackson realized she was getting a little 'too close for comfort' and turned and ran back towards us. We finally made it down to the chicken pen and Jackson began picking dandelions and was throwing them to the chickens still in the fence. The white chicken that was loose kept following Jackson, so he began hiding between Annies legs yelling "Shooo Shoo!" What a character! We really enjoyed their visit... although it wasn't long enough!

Our little farmer man.... the flannel was a definite hit with daddy!! If Jason had his way, Carter would have flannel and camoflague on every day!

On Sunday, Annie was watching Charlie and Jackson while mommy helped celebrate Cindy's birthday in Pittsburgh. She brought the munchkins out to the farm and we went for a walk. Carter slept the entire time... whats new! But Charlie took in the world while getting a free ride out of Annie. What a happy, slobbery man!

Of course Jackson had to sit on every tractor (more than once)! Luckily for Annie and myself, Jason was around to take care of the heavy lifting! These two are the best of friends...

We went to the park for the first time while Jess and the boys were home... boy oh boy did we have fun!! This is Carter enjoying himself at the park. Doesn't he look like he's having a blast.... At least Jackson and Courtney (one of Carter's many women) had fun.

Obviously something caught his attention... maybe it was the million kids running around screaming at the park.

What a ham! This is my little man all the time. He enjoys life and has quite the personality! A little too much Drew sometimes! That's definitely a look i've seen before... from daddy!

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