Tuesday, January 13, 2009


So this morning I was sweeping the house like I do quite frequently. While I am sweeping... Carter is playing in the living room, usually watching Noggin or playing with one of his toys. I was sweeping my kitchen floor and realized that he got very quiet and I wondered what he was up to... who knows with this kid! I peeked into the living room and couldn't find him anywhere! Then I looked down at the gate right below me... and there he was... watching me. It creeped me out a bit... just by the way he was peering over the gate at me. I just laughed and grabbed the camera!

I bought Carter an overstuffed chair from Pottery Barn Kids for him after Christmas. I think I was more excited about the chair than he was at first... and now... he absolutely loves the chair! He loves climbing on it... sitting and reading... and chillin'.
These two pictures are a bit fuzzy... but couldn't resist putting them on!

He loves to get inbetween the two couches that I have in the living room and tear everything off the end table. I caught him in the act today....

Carter has discovered that once he clears off the shelf on the coffee table... it makes for a fun time! He is constantly pulling EVERYTHING off the shelf and then is crawling up there and playing. Too funny!

If that isn't a Drew look... I don't know what is!


Jessica said...

He is so stinkin cute. I love those looks he gives you. Do you feel like you race from one thing to another cleaning up a mess he makes? My boys are human tornadoes....but they come by it honestly. Look at their daddy!

Anonymous said...

Yay! More Pictures! Carter should get an award for best dressed baby. You dress him so nice, Chelsea. Love ya, Maria!!!!