Friday, January 9, 2009

Still recovering from a busy Christmas!

What a busy December!
Carter is now cruising and taking one step at a time. His newfound love is standing at anything he can get to. He loves hanging out under the dining room table... as you can tell. He has developed quite the hilarious personality and is a ham! He loves waving, clapping, blowing kisses and saying a few words. Of course mama is not one of them unless he is absolutely mad and is yelling at me. He now says dada, nana and tractor (and you can only imagine how happy daddy is to hear that!)

The Drew clan... Maria, Kenny, Chloe, Michael, Patty, Jason, me, and Carter (who was just about done with the whole picture taking).

Carter got his first John Deere tractor for Christmas... We absolutely could not get him off of the tractor all day long! Obviously he can't peddle the tractor and it is too big for him... but he loves it the same. We literally put a belt around his waste and the seat to keep him from falling off.

Checking the tractor over to make sure it is up to his standards... or should I say... his fathers standards!

Maggie wanted in on the action!

So excited!

We opened presents at our house in the morning... He was much more interested in the wrapping paper than the presents!

We got him one of those two stage cars. He can walk behind it to help him learn to walk... and he can also ride it. One of his favorite new toys!

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