Thursday, January 28, 2010

Got Jam???

So my son has developed a weird and disgusting habit....
He is obsessed with toe jam!
Every time we come in the door from being out... the socks come off and we are searching for toe jam.
When we are home... he refuses to wear socks and is searching for toe jam.
Carter will plop down anywhere and everywhere to pick his toe jam. And will proudly announce when he has found some! It's very exciting! (sarcasm)
Oh... and might I add... he is not afraid to pick other toes for toe jam. I was nursing Elliot yesterday... and my socks were ripped off and he was searching in every 'nook and cranny' for some toe jam... When that search resulted in nothing... he moved on to his brothers toes.
What a ham!

My little angel. Elliot is doing very well and adjusting to life in this crazy house.

Most days Elliot will sleep 3 to 4 hour stretches, wake up to eat, play a little and then pass back out. So far so good!!!!

LOVE this hat... he is too stinkin cute in it!

These two are absolute buddies. Carter can't keep his hands off of him!

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Annie M said...

my heart is breaking looking at these photos. i read the toe jam story to my suitemates the other night, we were all cracking up!!! love you guys, miss you!