Sunday, February 7, 2010


We survived the storm!!
Carter, Jason and Uncle Kenny played in the snow yesterday! We got close to 2 feet of snow... SO MUCH FUN!!!!

Jason and Carter were riding down the middle of the road in the sled... not the safest thing, but they had a blast!!

He loves to eat the snow... luckily the dogs weren't out in the snow yet...

Daddy is training him to pull the sled...

That didn't last long... I think he might have caught on daddy!

Jason also took this opportunity to teach Carter how to shovel the sidewalk... that also didn't last too long! I have taught my son well!

Eatin' the snow... again.

Kenny dropped him feet first into the snow... look at where it comes to! He found this absolutely hilarious!

All of the men on the farm couldn't wait for the snow to stop so they could begin their snow removal duties. Nothing was safe... nothing! The tractors were out in full force!

'BIG' pile of snow... as Carter called it.

Elliot finally lost his bellybutton last week... and we have really been enjoying bathtime this week. He loves it!

This baby is well-fed... don't you think? Check out that gut!

He is already working on his surprise face... Carter's gonna have a little competition i think!

Elliot was enjoying his QUIET tummy time on the floor... and in walks brother...
He just wanted to give him a little hug... right?

'Don't look at me... I didn't do anything!'
I am constantly asking Carter to give Elliot some space... but that never happens.

I don't even have words...

Melt my heart!!
These two boys are buddies!


Annie M said...

i miss the snow, the sledriding, the surprise face, toddler snowpants and mittens, big blue eyes, baby gut, bathtime, onesie pjs, blanket time, and cuddling with TWO beautiful boys since i haven't had the chance yet!!! miss you guys tons. 33 days and i will be there!!! love you all!!!

Chelsea Drew said...

we miss you too! hurry home! love you.