Thursday, April 29, 2010

'Loppy Gisses'

Carter is quite the character. He loves to give kisses! He will give kisses to anyone and everyone! He is now into sloppy kisses. He calls them 'loppy gisses'... so the next time you are with us... watch out!
The Masterson's bought Carter this elephant hat for Christmas. He loves it. He is constantly wearing it throughout the house... while he is eating, playing, terrorizing his little brother or the dogs, and has even asked to wear it to bed.

Carter was standing at the window watching for daddy last night. Too funny!

This past weekend we went spent a night in Tionesta at Jason's family's camp. We had a great time! Kenny, Maria & Max (Jason's brother and family), Patty & Nick (Jason's mom and fiance), Joe & Linda (Jason's uncle and girlfriend) and Jessica & Jerome (Maria's sister and boyfriend).
Carter had an absolute blast! He played outside, despite the cold rainy weather.
Brothers... Carter looks like he's up to no good... while Elliot is just hammin' it up!

Carter is lovin' on his little cousin Max!
My beautiful little trouble maker!

The three cousins...
Elliot is fixated on something...
Max looks frightened... (probably cause he's sitting by Carter..)
And Carter... well he's trying to look like he isn't gonna get into trouble!
Seriously boys... is it really that difficult to just look at the camera??!! Neither of them would cooperate... boys will be boys!
My other beautiful boy! I just love him soooo much!
We had his 3 month check up a week ago.. and boy is he growing.
Elliot is now weighing in at a whopping 16 lbs. 10 oz. (probably more now since it's been a week) and is 25 inches long. He is in the 95th percentile for weight and 75th for height. His Dr. said... he's a very 'healthy' boy! What?! did she just call my kid chubby?!
What about those lips? Just love them!

He's just a chunka munka! See for yourself!

Eat much?! I just love him!!!!

I love this little monkey too! He is my little Max! SOOOOOO cute!! Look at that beautiful little mouth.
Carter and his cousin Lilly. I love this picture!
Some more Carter stories:
*We were on our way home last night and the sun was setting (gorgeous by the way). The sun was very bright and was in our eyes... He starts yelling at me "Mommy! Sun is shiny! Shiny in my eyes! Bright!" He then proceeded to ask for his sunglasses... and all was good.
*We have a Bar-b-q place here in town called Hogfather's. They have a person that dresses up like a pig and stands out in front of the store and dances and waves to cars passing by. Carter absolutely loves him! Everytime we are in town... he has to check to see if the dancing pig is out. As we drive by he says "Dance pig out? Nope! Next time mommy."
Now that the weather is getting nice... it's out almost every day. Today we drove by... he shreiked cause it was out, waved and then let out a big *sigh*. I asked him what was wrong... and he says "buy one sunday mommy" I ask him, "buy what on sunday honey?" He
responds, "Dance pig mommy. Buy one sunday." I just chuckled...
*The other night Mom, the boys and myself took a trip over to TJMaxx. They both did very well... until the car ride home. Carter was getting tired and we all know what that means. He gets loud and slightly obnoxious. I put on a movie for him so mom and I could 'catch up'. That didn't happen. He began yelling "Mom! Gelsea! Gels! Mommy!" I kindly asked him to stop.. but it just got louder and more frequent. I finally said, "Carter you need to stop before... " I stopped.. cause i really didn't have a good threat at the time. He then starts in his 'sweet' little whisper voice, "Mom! Gelsea! Gels! Mommy!" It took everything in me to not start cracking up! Mom didn't help... cause she was cracking up in the seat next to me!


Annie M said...

so glad he's making good use out of the elephant hat. i am so excited to see you and the boys more week!!!

Anonymous said...

Great pictures of the boys. I had such a great time at camp!! Can't wait to go again. Love, Maria

Lindsey said...

I love that he calls you by your first name. hilarious!

Jessica said...

Jackson also has that hat! He wore it to school one day and I snickered quietly in the front seat as he walked into school with an elephant trunk protruding from his head. Goodbye.