Sunday, May 16, 2010

Breakin' in the kitchen sink!

we've definitely broken in the new kitchen sink! both boys LOVE getting a bath at nana's house. I think they have taken more baths at my parents house in the past two weeks than they have at home! these are just a few pics... i will hopefully get a few more up within the next few days.

my litlle E is getting soooooo big!

he is almost sitting up all by himself.

he loves his big brother. no matter what Carter is doing... he is watching. I think he gets dizzy sometimes... cause C doesn't stop moving.

Carter is also getting bigger and 'badder' by the minute! every day is a complete whirlwind with him in it!
C is absolutely in love with his brother... I am constantly telling him that he needs to 'back off!' I keep telling him that he is gonna get it as soon as elliot is mobile... I don't think he takes me seriously!!!
he loves tractors (only the green and yellow ones), trucks, cars... actually, anything with wheels.
he will eat anything that is put in front of him! asparagus is a fast growing favorite.
he is an absolute chatter box! from 6:30 in the morning until about 9:00 at night... i listen to my little parrot. I love it!

melt. my. heart.

Carter story:
as many of you know, my husband is a HUGE Ford truck fan. He won't drive anything else. Chevy, Nissan, Toyota... they are swear words in our house.
Mom and I were headed to Wal-mart the other day (*gasp* I know... I despise going there.. but i had to) Carter rode with mom. When we got there... she is cracking up as she gets out of the car. I figured he was up to no good. She opens his door and all i hear is... "Daddy love chevy trucks!" over and over and over! This was too good not to share with daddy....
We called Jason and he was NOT happy!! Based on the reaction Jason gave him.... that is all he is saying! Too funny!

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