Thursday, May 27, 2010

Mommy freakin' out!

ok... so i don't have any new pictures to put up this morning... but I do have a little diddy to share with you!
Sunday morning started off like any other morning. Carter was awake around 7 am... came into my room and cuddles for a while. We had no plans for the day... so we just cuddled the morning away. Around 8 am we decided to get out of bed and actually do something productive (meaning he was demanding that I make him breakfast!) And Elliot was sleeping peacefully in his crib.
Now, every morning as we come down the stairs, I open the blinds of all the windows. We came down the few steps to the landing, I reach to open the blind and about pee myself. About 2 feet from me is this freaky looking black bird! Yeah that's right... a bird in my house!!?? I screamed and literally pulled Carter down the stairs behind me! Poor thing had no clue of what was going on!
As soon as we get downstairs... I call Jason. His response - "just get a towel or a tupperware container, catch it, and put it outside!" My response - "REALLY?! Seriously?! Are you on crack?! I'm NOT touching that thing! Call Bill!" Now at this point I would say I am 'slightly' freakin' out. Jason calls back and says Bill is on his way to catch the bird. I relax. I need a cup of coffee... that'll calm me down.
As I'm still talking to Jason on the phone, I walk out into the kitchen to get a cup of coffee. I look up and what to I see?! Another freakin' bird on the window above my sink!!!! Yeah, I'm now up to the status of 'majorly' freakin' out!! I scream... run into the living room... scoop Carter up and hit the couch. We have our backs to the corner and I can see the living room, the steps to upstairs and the kitchen door... those birds aren't gonna get us!
Now as luck would have it... the dogs finally spot the bird on the landing upstairs... and start climbing the walls to get it. It takes off... flying downstairs into the dining room. It flies right into one of my windows and the dogs are in full attack mode now. Luckily it turned right back around and headed upstairs... with Mickey and Kenzie in hot pursuit! But wait... its upstairs... and so is my 4 month old! I pulled the door shut... so hopefully it doesn't fly in there.... hopefully. Thank god he is sleeping thru this fiasco! Jason is still on the phone at this point about ready to die from laughing... cause I was giving him a play by play of the situation and Carter was beginning to realize something wasn't quite right. So as I got more and more worked up.. so did he!
Ugh... where is Bill?!? He lives like .2 miles away.... seriously...
Mickey and Kenzie are tearing up the upstairs at this point. I can hear things being knocked over and them clawing to get this thing!
I finally see him coming up the road... so I cautiously get off the couch and get the doors open so he can make a quick exit with the little 'rats with wings!!' Bill is cracking up at this point.
Bill - "ok... so I need a towel to catch them with."
Me - "well.. there are towels up in the bathroom... not going up there! and towels
in the kitchen... not going in there! Grab whatever you can find... I don't care!"
Bill walks right up to the bird.. grabs it.. and throws it outside. Show off!
Goes upstairs and does the same thing with the second one. Show off!
I then spent the next half hour cleaning up the house... picking all the things the dogs knocked over during their hunt... and of course the bird poo! eeewww!
Apparently these birds entered my house thru the chimney and came thru the furnace! Nice, real nice! Needless to say... there is a towel now shoved in the opening of the furnace... I refuse to have another unwanted visitor (or two) in my house!
Once we were all settled... Elliot woke up and Carter calmed down.
For the rest of the day... every person we talked to Carter would say, "birds in house. mommy freakin' out!"
Oh the life of a country girl!

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