Monday, June 7, 2010

The first big kill...

Before I get into the story of the 'big kill'....
Ya think they look alike??


some days I think yes... some days I think no.
Jason and Carter have started an almost nighly ritual of a 4 wheeler ride. They usually just putz around the farm and hit a few puddles and Carter is happy (Daddy, not so much). Jason feels the "need for speed"... and I just roll my eyes.
A few nights ago, Jason and Carter went over to our neighbors land to set a few groundhog traps.(Bill and Jason have been trapping for years and have gotten thousands over the years... its for crop damage you know. *eye roll* at least that's what they say. I think its an excuse to be away from the wife and children... but i'm sure he would tell me i'm crazy).
ok.. so they head over the hill with some traps. I was fine with that. Elliot and I stayed home to do laundry, cook dinner, and ya know.. the mommy stuff. We were enjoying the quiet time and then I hear the 4 wheeler and Carter yelling, "Mommy! Look! duggog!" I go out on the front porch and there it is... my son's first kill! ugh... I of course shot a look to jason (who's smile was beaming from ear to ear).
so here it is folks... the first kill!
He was sooooo proud! And take note of the rock in his hand... yeah. He used that to throw at the groundhog once it was dead.
Now the story Jason tells me goes a little like this.
They were riding thru the fields and they spotted the mommy and her 3 babies running. Carter yelled, "Get it daddy!" So of course, Jason speeds up. They hit one of the smaller ones and Jason goes to slow down and Carter is bailing off the bike before it even comes to a complete stop. He runs up to is and starts throwing rocks, sticks and anything he could get his hands on... Jason was proud... and I cringed.

Little man has learned how to splash me during bathtime. HILARIOUS! I am usually soaked from top to bottom before bathtime is over.

Nana and her boys. Carter looks like he's up to no good!!

My boys...
and then there's this...
"Hey mom!? You mean't don't touch him like this, right?!"

don't worry son... your days of freedom are coming closer to an end... Elliot will be rocking your boat in no time!!

Happy boys!

Love this one of Carter... he looks so grown up!

Elliot would seriously hang out in this swing all day if I let him!

this is my 2 year old's idea of saying cheese and smiling...

Elliot had his 4 month check up on the 25th of May...
18 lbs. 4 oz.
26 1/2 in. long
Needless to say.... he is growing and eating all the time! I have started him on rice cereal and he is doing well with it. This kid is showing no signs of slowing.
And i leave you now with one of the most precious pictures of my boys.
(I love saying that.... MY boys.)
God is so good... I am truly blessed!


Lindsey said...

You are so blessed and they are so blessed to have you! can't wait for another playdate soon!

Anonymous said...

Chelsea, Carter sounds like quite the character....ha ha, reminds me of someone - just don't know who :)

I really enjoy your photos and updates. Take care - tell your Mom "HI"