Tuesday, June 22, 2010

that's how country boys roll!!

Now... I know I don't have the most fashion sense.... but this is ridiculous!
What a sight for sore eyes. It almost embarrasses me to let him play out in the yard looking like this...
backwards navy hat... check!
camo boots... check!
red gutchies.... check!
rad tattoo on the forearm... check!

men workin... comin thru!

I am trying to get him used to the feeling of 'big boy underwear'... and figured it wouldn't hurt anything to let him do it in the yard. Less of a mess for mommy if he forgets!!


So I thought it would be cute to get a picture of the 3 of us...
as you see... it didn't work out too well!
first try...
second try...

third try...

fourth try...
I finally gave up and decided to join them in their silliness!
and then their is this crazy animal!!

My little happy man!

Some day my little chunka munka will hate me for this...
but I don't care! He is too cute to miss this photo opp!!

Carter loves kissing his little brother!

my oish little man!

and once again... a Carter story worth mentioning:
*I was cleaning up the kitchen the other day before dinner and Carter came running into the kitchen yelling and screaming. I couldn't understand him... so I asked him to slow down. He started yelling at me "turtles! turtles!" I had no clue what he was talking about... I was trying to figure out which toy he was wanting or what book he was talking about... and then it happened! He began tugging at his diaper. "mommy, turtles in my diaper!" OOOHHHHHH I see!!
He had pooped in his diaper... haha!

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Kim said...

OMG you are crackin me up!!! Ya know those photos of
Carter in the red undies look an awful lot like his old man ;)! You all are too cute. xoxoxo