Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Horray for the Steelers!!!

We went to John and Sarah's for the Superbowl... and had a blast! It was such a fun time. Carter was an absolute angel and I think he is developing a love for football!
This is Apache... John and Sarah's dog. Apache and Carter played all night long... they are the best of friends!!!

Carter was reaching for Apache... as you can tell Apache was trying to get away... hence the whiskers in the picture. They were too cute together!

We discovered that Carter does not like the taste or radishes... but still insisted on putting his teeth marks on every radish on the dish. Hilarious!

Carter and Daddy watching the Steelers kick some Cardinal butt!!!

Did you see that play????

This ribbon tastes funny.... but soooo much fun to chew!


Carter and Uncle John... John soooo looks ready for a kid of his own! (wink wink)

I don't think any of the boys moved from their spots all night...
From Left: John, Adam, Jason, Chris and Shane

My little man is beginning to appreciate great things when he sees them... He loves my Coach wristlet. A boy after my own heart!!!

Mickey! I love this picture of him!


Mr. Curious... he has to sniff absolutely everything!

Just some pics of Carter being a goofball... as usual!

He is now standing on his own and taking a few steps. I think he will definitely be running laps around me by his 1st birthday... only a few more weeks to go!!! AHHHHH!!!


Jessica said...

just leaving you some comment love :) Carter is so sweet!

Carly said...

i miss you guys!! i cant believe he is almost one...where did the year go?! when my life calms down a little we will have to catch up :)

lovin the jersey, Yeah Steelers!!!!